Missionaries and Christianity

A great deal of the western penetration into China was through the agency of Christian missionaries. This theme includes reports of missionaries’ activities, catalogues of missionary societies’ publications, sermons, correspondence, mission histories, biographies of prominent missionaries, theological treatises on Christianity in China, teaching texts for mission schools, accounts of the work of mission hospitals and church periodicals.

An abridgement of sacred history Collie, David 1826 Malacca
An account of an evangelical Chinese manuscript in the British Museum, together with a specimen of it, and some hints on the proper mode of publishing it in London Montucci, Antonio, 1762-1829 [1801] [London]
Address delivered at the annual meeting of the American Missionary Association, Norwich, Conn. Taylor, William M. October 1880 New York
Address on female missionary work M.L. London
After thirty years: three decades of the China Inland Mission Taylor, J. Hudson [1894?] London
An American missionary statesman. The life and work of Dr Divie Bethune McCartee Sheppard, Eli T. [1906] New York, London
The American Theological Review (v.2, 1860) 1860 New York, Boston
Ancestral worship, a revised edition of an essay Yates, M.T., Rev 1878 Shanghai
Ancestral worship: a revised edition of an essay read before the missionary conference, held at Shanghai, May, 10-24th, 1877 Yates, Matthew Tyson, 1819-1888 1878 Shanghai
Ancient symbolism among the Chinese Edkins, Joseph, 1823-1905 1889 London, Shanghai
The Anglican Church in north China Scott, P.M., Rev 1914 Westminster
Annual of the Northern Baptist Convention 1911 Philadelphia
The annual report of Ponasang Missionary Hospital. For the year ending January 31, 1909 Kinnear, H.N. 1909
Annual Reports, 1820-1891, relating to China and the Chinese General Baptist Missionary Society 1820-1891
The Apostolic Church Bates, Daniel M. 1879 Shanghai
An appeal for establishing a missionary college in China Schereschewsky, Samuel Isaac Joseph, Bp., 1831-1906 [1877] [Philadelphia]
An appeal to Christians in behalf of China Gutzlaff, Charles 1833 Canton
Are missionaries in any way responsible for the present disturbances in China? Dubose, Hampden C. [1900]
The ascent of woman, or the struggle for the life of others White, Laura M. 1913 Shanghai
Authentick Memoirs of the Christian Church in China de Mosheim, John Laurence 1750 London
The awakening of China Bashford, James W. 1909 New York
Baptist home missions in North America The American Baptist Home Mission Society 1883 New York
The Bible in China Wylie, Alexander, 1815-1887 [1897] [Shanghai]
Books for China Parvus, 1867-1924
Bread upon the waters. A missionary story Branan, T.B. 1904
A brief description of the Christian religion, and the various denominations into which the Christian world is divided Limming, W. 1817 London
Britain's crime against China Gregory, Maurice 1891 London
British and Foreign Bible Society. China
Bulletin of Shanghai Baptist College and Seminary, May, 1918 May 1918
Caesar or Christ? A sermon preached in the Foreign Chapel, Amoy Lea, W.K., Rev 1863 Hong Kong
The call of God to men 1908
Can a Chinaman become a Christian? Masters, Frederic J., Rev October 1892
The catechumen, a translation from Voltaire, supposed to have been written by a native of China Boston
The centenary volume of the Baptist Missionary Society 1792-1892 Myers, John Brown 1892 London
Centenary volume of the Church Missionary Society for Africa and the East 1799-1899 1902 London
Changes in China October 1913 Preston
China American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions 1867 Boston
China claims upon Christians in America Secretary Treat, American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions 1867 Boston
China in the light of history Faber, Ernst, Rev 1897 Shanghai
The China Medical Missionary Journal Hodge, S.R. December 1895 Shanghai
China Native Converts - True or False? Taylor, James Hudson, 1832-1905 [1860?]
China Question MacDonald, James 1870 London
The China Sunday School Journal Tewksbury, Elwood G., Rev September 1916 Shanghai
China's chapter in Christian evidence Bashford, J.W., Bishop January 1906
China, or, a few facts regarding Canton, Hongkong, and Macao, with a review of Protestant and Popish missions, and their comparative results in the Celestial Empire; from letters written to a friend, by a recent visitor 1846 Bombay
China: its creeds and customs: with reference to missionary labours Philip, Robert, 1791-1858 [1890?]
China: questions and answers for Sunday schools, mission circles and bands Woman's Board of Foreign Missions, Reformed Church in America 1902 New York
Chinese Christian Advocate, Jan. 24, 1917 24 January 1917
A Chinese Madonna Laufer, Berthold, 1874-1934 [1912] Chicago
Chinese martyrs Kranz, P., Pastor [1903] Shanghai, Foochow
The Chinese problem Townsend, L.T. 1876 Boston
The Chinese problem: a possible solution London
The Chinese year 1913
Christ or Confucius, a sermon preacher February 23, 1879 DeNormandie, James 1879
The Christian League of Philadelphia Griffiths, George; Bond, Charles H., Rev; Poole, Frederic, Rev 1898
Christian Medical Association. Seventh Annual Meeting. October, 1860 October 1860 London
The Christian portrait gallery London
The Christian Retrospect and Register: a summary of the scientific, moral and religious progress of the first half of the xixth [nineteenth] century Baird, Robert 1851 New York
Christianity the completion of Confucianism Kranz, P., Pastor 1897
Christianity in the United States Schaff, Philip 1879 New York
Christless Asia Bishop, J. Ford, Mrs 1909 Westminster
The Chronicle of the London Missionary Society 1 January 1867 London
The Chronicle of the London Missionary Society 1 February 1867 London
The church missionary quarterly token. Volume III 1874-1878 London
Church of England Sunday school monthly magazine, 1857-1864 Church of England Sunday School Institute 1857-1864 London
Church work among white settlers beyond the sea 1908 London
Collegiate and theological education at the West Beman, Nathan S.S., Rev 1847 New York
A comparison of the apostolic age with the present, in respect to facilities for conducting missionary operations Beecher, Lyman, Rev 1834 Boston
Condition and character of females in pagan and Mohammedan countries Baptist General Tract Society 1817 Philadelphia
Confucianism in its relation to Christianity Hoyt, S.R.J., Rev 1888
Crescent Chapel Juvenile Missionary Society, in aid of the Medical Mission to China August 1845 Liverpool
The crisis of missions; or, the voice out of the cloud Pierson, Arthur T., Rev 1887 London
Das Evangelium des Lucas im Volksdialekte der Hakka Chinesen Die Missionare der Baseler Missions Gesellschaft 1865 Hong Kong
The day breaking; or light in dark lands American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions 1870 Boston
Death blow to corrupt doctrines 1870 Shanghai
A descriptive catalogue of books and tracts Nevius, John Livingston; Nevius, Helen S. Coan 1907 Shanghai
The divine name in ancient China Inglis, J.W., Rev 1910 Shanghai
Do not say; or the church's excuses for neglecting the heathen Horseburgh, J. Heywood 1908 London
Do you know: a few questions about China China Inland Mission Philadelphia, Toronto
Dwelling deep Frost, Henry W. [1914?] Philadelphia, Toronto
Each pair of bound feet
Echigo. Darkest Japan; the way out Cozad, Justus L. 1891
The eighty-ninth annual report of the Religious Tract Society 1888 London
Eleventh annual report of the Society for the Diffusion of Christian & General Knowledge among the Chinese, for the year ending 31st October, 1898 Society for the Diffusion of Christian & General Knowledge among the Chinese 1898 Shanghai
Encouragement to prayer. Passages from the New Testament collected by P. Kranz of the Shanghai Missionary Association Kranz, P., Pastor
English and Evangelism Dubose, Hampden C. 1904
The extent of the missionary enterprize Spring, Gardiner, Rev 1840 Boston
The faith of a Christian, by Rev. Bernard Lucas, translated by Mrs S. Couling and Li Yung K'ing Lucas, Bernard, Rev; Couling, Mrs S.; Li, Yung K'ing 1911 Shanghai
Fifty years' work amongst young men in all lands Young Men's Christian Association June 1894 London
The first report of the London Missionary Society's Chinese hospital, at Peking Lockhart, W. 1863 Shanghai
The first report of the Medical Missionary Society's hospital at Macao: for the quarterly term beginning 5th July, and ending 1st Oct., 1838 Parker, Peter, Rev 1838 Canton
Five years of progress, 1907-1912: a report of the work of the Young Men's Christian Associations of China and Korea, 1912; with a review covering the period 1907-1912 Chung-hua Chi-tu chiao ch'ing nien hsieh hui 1913 Shanghai
The force of missions in a new China Condit, Ira M., Rev Oakland
Forty-eighth year of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions 1857
Fruits of toil in the London Missionary Society 1877 London
Further news of the massacres in Shansi [1900?] [Shanghai?]
General report of the deputation sent by the American Board to China in 1907 Moore, Edward C.; Barton, James L. 1907 Boston
General Survey of the missions of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, 1868 1868
The giant at the cross roads Debenham, Mary H. 1914 Westminster
Go and do likewise November 1914 Boston, Mass.
God's plan for China: an outline study of some missionary principles, senior edition Debenham, Mary H. 1914 Westminster
The gospel according to Saint Matthew 1909 Shanghai
The gospel primer Mateer, A.H. 1914 Shanghai
Grammatical studies in the colloquial language of northern China McIlvaine, J.S. 1880 Shanghai
Grandeur of the great commission Thwing, E.P. 1892
The Hall of United Benevolence 1846
The hand of God in the siege of Peking Smith, A.H., Rev
Handbook on China S.P.G. Missionary Exhibitions Department Westminster
Handbook: American Baptist Missionary Union, Tremont Temple, Boston American Baptist Missionary Union 1904-1905 Boston
The heart of Pekin: Bishop A. Favier's diary of the siege, May-August, 1900, edited by Rev J. Freri Favier, Alphonse, 1837-1905 1901 Boston
Heavenly Manna Smith, Stanley P. [1900] Shanghai
Hebrew prayers used by the Jews in China London Society for Promoting Christianity amongst the Jews [1853] [London]
The historical position of modern missions Clark, N.G., Rev September 1880
Historical sketch of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions 1859 Boston
Historical sketch of the missions of the American Board in China Bartlett, Samuel Colcord, 1817-1898 1878 Boston
Historical sketches: north China Westminster
History of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions Tracy, Joseph 1842 [New York]
A history of the Szechuen riots (May-June, 1895) Cunningham, Alfred, 1870- [1895] Shanghai
The Home Missionary Magazine for 1835 1835 London
How a few men may make a million converts Richard, Timothy [1901]
The Hunan tracts of China, which produced the anti-Christian and anti-foreign riots of 1891 1892 Shanghai
An impartial and succinct history of the rise, declension, and revival of the Church of Christ; from the birth of our saviour to the present time Haweis, T., Rev 1800 London
Important doctrines of the Bible Kranz, P., Pastor 1898 Shanghai, Foochow
In memory of Reverend William Muirhead, D. D. Edkins, Joseph, Dr 1900 Shanghai
The incoming millions Grose, Howard B. 1906 New York
The Indo-Chinese opium trade Hill, J. Spencer 1884 London
An inquiry into the proper mode of translating ruach and pneuma, in the Chinese version of the Scriptures Medhurst, Walter Henry, 1796-1857 1850 Shanghai
Intercession Frost, Henry W. [1914?] Philadelphia, Toronto
"Intercessory foreign missionaries" Street, A.E., Rev Philadelphia, Toronto
Is Buddhism a preparation or a hindrance to Christianity in China? Ball, James Dyer, 1847-1919 1907 Hong Kong
Is it nothing to you? China Inland Mission Philadelphia, Toronto
Is there anything in it? McIntosh, Gilbert Cornell University Library
Japan. Mission of the Protestant Episcopal Church March 1859
The Japanese view of Christianity; Liberal Judaism and its future Sullivan, W.R. Washington 1904 London
The Jews in China: their synagogue, their scriptures, their history Finn, James 1843 London
The journey's end Taylor, Howard, Mrs; Shapleigh, K.P., Mr; Barrie, H.G., Dr 1905
Jubilee papers of the Central China Presbyterian Mission, 1844-1894: Comprising historical sketches of the mission stations at Ningpo, Shanghai, Hangchow, Soochow and Nanking, with a sketch of the Presbyterian mission press 1895 Shanghai
Jubilee papers of the Central China Presbyterian Mission. 1844-1894 Presbyterian Mission Press 1895 Shanghai
Korea, country and people June 1894
A Lan: a story for boys and girls Hutchinson, R. January 1912
Letter from B. J. Bettelheim, missionary in Lewchew Bettelheim, B.J., Rev 1852 Canton
Letter from the Bishop of Victoria on the Chinese version of the Holy Scriptures Bishop of Victoria 20 August 1851 Hong Kong
Letter from a Chinese Agricola, Canton Christian College, dated Canton, China, Oct. 1, 1917 Taam, S.H. 1 October 1917
Letter from Rev. B. J. Bettelheim of Lewchew, giving an account of his labors there during the last three years Bettelheim, B.J., Rev 1850 Canton
Letters of Lillian Ching, a native of the island of Loo Choo Ching, Lillian 1838 Portland
Letters on the rendering of the name God in the Chinese language Legge, James, 1815-1897 1850 Hong Kong
Life and labours of Robert Moffat, D. D., missionary in South Africa Walters, William, Rev 1883 London
The life story of Yao Ch'ong-Seng Garland, S. Philadelphia, Toronto
A little Chinese godson [1911] Westminster
The Lord's prayer, in Chinese, with literal translation, and the pronunciation of each character London
A man of God approved in Christ: a sermon commemorative of the life of the Rt. Rev. William Jones Boone, preached in Calvary Church, New York, January 29, 1865 Stevens, William Bacon, Bp., 1815-1887 1865 Philadelphia
Manual for missionary candidates of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions 1837 Boston
The Medical Missionary Society in China Colledge, Thomas R. 8 December 1838
The Medical Missionary Society in China: address, with minutes of proceedings Medical Missionary Society in China 1838 Canton
Medical missions at home and abroad Kerr, J.G. 1878 San Francisco
Medical missions at home and abroad. The quarterly magazine of the Medical Missionary Association Medical Missionary Association October 1880 London
Memoir of the Late Rev. Dr. Medhurst 1857 London
Memorial service for the late Right Reverend James Addison Ingle, at All Saints' Church, January 31st, 1904 Eccleston, J. Houston, Rev 1904
A message to the churches Goodrich, Chauncey, Rev 1901
The ministry of women Gordon, A.J., Dr [1894]
Minutes of the annual meeting of the Medical Missionary Society in China: and fifteenth report of its ophthalmic hospital at Canton, for the years 1848 and 1849 Parker, P., Rev 1850 Canton
Minutes of the General Association of Baptists, in Kentucky; of the Kentucky and Foreign Bible Society; and of the Roberts' Fund and China Mission Society 1840 Louisville, KY
Mission of enquiry to the Jews in China: present state of the Jews at Kae-Fung-Foo London Society for Promoting Christianity amongst the Jews [1851] [London]
A Mission Press sexagenary, 1844 to 1904 1904 Shanghai
Mission work in Shantung Iliff, G.D., Rt. Rev 1913 Westminster
Missionaries in the witness box Church Missionary Society 1897 London
The missionary Taylor, J. Hudson, Rev [1890] Toronto
Missionary characteristics, by Observer [1902] [Shanghai]
Missionary enterprises in many lands Burns, Jabez, Rev London
The missionary guide-book; or, a key to the Protestant missionary map of the world 1846 London
A missionary hospital in China Clark, Francis E. 1912 Boston, Chicago
The Missionary Magazine and Chronicle September 1848 London
The Missionary Magazine and Chronicle 1 June 1859
The Missionary Magazine and Chronicle 1 August 1863 London
The Missionary Magazine and Chronicle 1 September 1863 London
The Missionary Magazine and Chronicle 1 March 1864 London
Missionary Magazine. China 1860-1862 London
Missionary operations in China Alexander, James W. [1833?]
Missionary sketches, No. II to LXXIX 1818-1838
A missionary tour in China Ricketts, C.M. 1879
Moral education: an address, delivered at China, June 25th, 1825 Chapin, Stephen 1825 Waterville
Motives in foreign missions Griffith, John, Rev New York
Narrative of massacres in Shansi, July, 1900, by the Rev R.C. Forsyth, with introduction by E.H. Edward and Rev Timothy Richard Forsyth, Robert Coventry, Rev 1900 Shanghai
The Nestorian monument of Hsî-an Fû in Shen-hsî, China: relating to the diffusion of Christianity in China in the seventh and eighth centuries, with the Chinese text of the inscription, a translation, and notes, and a lecture on the monument, with a sketch of subsequent Christian missions in China and their present state Legge, James, 1815-1897 1888 London
The Nestorian monument: an ancient record of Christianity in China Carus, Paul, Dr 1909 Chicago
The Nestorian monument: an ancient record of Christianity in China, with special reference to the expedition of Frits v. Holm Carus, Paul, Dr 1909 Chicago
Nestorius and the Nestorian mission in China Pakenham-Walsh, William Sandford, Rev, 1868-1960 1908 Shanghai
The new heresy: proselytism substituted for righteousness Urquhart, David September 1862
Numerical index to Mr. F.W. Baller's vocabulary of the New Testament 1893
Occasional missionary paper Foreign Committee, Protestant Episcopal Church October 1854 New York
Of more value than a thousand missionaries Richard, Timothy [1903]
Official and lay witness to the value of foreign missions Longridge, G., Rev 1902 London
On the Chinese version of the Scriptures Medhurst, W.H.; Stronach, John; Milne, William C. 1 August 1851 Shanghai
On the genuineness of the so-called Nestorian monument of Singan-fu, read October 14, 1852 Salisbury, Edward Elbridge, 1814-1901 [1853] [New York]
On the Nestorian tablet of Se-gan foo Wylie, Alexander, 1815-1887 [1856] [New York]
On soul-winners and soul-winning Wilson, J. Wallace 1912 Shanghai
One of the king's jewels Judd, C.H., Mrs Philadelphia, Toronto
The one-wine theory and Bible interpretation Hartwell, C, Rev [1890]
Opening service of the Kuling Church and the present aspect of the missionary work in China John, Griffith, Rev 1898 Shanghai
The opium question 1877
The oriental churches and Mohammedans Hamlin, Cyrus, Rev 1851 Boston
Papers relative to hospitals in China Medical Missionary Society in China 1841 Boston
Papers relative to the Wesleyan Missions and to the state of heathen countries 1825-1840 London
Part of a Chinese tract containing Christ's sermon on the mount Boston
Particulars concerning the last hours of the missionaries massacred at Taiku, Shansi, on 31st July, 1900 [1901] [Shanghai]
The parting charge. A sermon preached in commemoration of the death of the Rev. W. H. Medhurst Muirhead, W., Rev 1857 Shanghai
Photograph of the venerable Jean Theophane Venard, 1861 [1861]
A pioneer missionary in China, by Rev. Josiah Cox Cox, Josiah, Rev December 1906 London
Presbyterian Mission Press bulletin Presbyterian Mission Press October 1909
Problems of practical Christianity in China Faber, Ernst, Rev 1897 Shanghai
Proceedings of the first ten years of the American Tract Society The American Tract Society 1824
A professorship of missionary instruction in our theological seminaries Happer, A.P. 1876 Andover
Prophecy of the twentieth century Cudmore, P. 1901 New York
Prospectus of a Christian college in China [1886]? [New York?]
Protestant missions to the heathen Christlieb, Th., Dr 1882 Calcutta
Reception of the delegates from the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts by the Board of Missions of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America 1853 New York
Record of the testimonial dinner to Dr. Charles K. Edmunds 2 March 1922 New York
The reign of terror in the western hills, or stories of the persecution of Chinese Christians in Shansi in 1900 Edwards, E. H. [1901?] [Shanghai]
The religious attitude of the Chinese mind Martin, William Alexander Parsons, 1827-1916 [1891] New York
The Religious Tract Society Reporter 19 May 1858 London
Remarks on the best term for god in Chinese Peet, L.B., Rev 1852 Canton
Reply to the strictures on the remarks made on the translation of Genesis and Exodus in the revision of the Chinese Scriptures Culbertson, M.S. 1852 Canton
Report of the China mission of the London Missionary Society Mullens, Rev Dr 1866 London
The report of the directors to the thirty-third general meeting of the Missionary Society The London Missionary Society 1827 London
Report of the formation and proceedings of the Singapore Auxiliary Bible Society 1837 Singapore
Report of the hospital at Ningpo, for 1852: under the Medical Missionary Society in China Macgowan, Daniel J 1852 Canton
A report of the Malacca mission-station and the Anglo-Chinese college 1831 Malacca
Report of the Medical Missionary Society in China, for the year 1845 Medical Missionary Society in China 1846
Report of the Medical Missionary Society in China: including the thirteenth report of the ophthalmic hospital in Canton Medical Missionary Society in China 1845 Canton
Report of the Presbyterian Committee on Union. Third meeting 1905 Shanghai
Report of the special committee on the expenditures and finances of the board American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions October 1862 Boston
Report of the work of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, in co-operation with the Kumi-Ai Churches of Japan 1892 Tokyo
Report on the China mission of the London Missionary Society Mullens, Joseph, 1820-1879 1866 London
Report on the China missions of the Presbyterian Board of Foreign Missions Speer, Robert Elliott, 1867-1947 1897 New York
A retrospect of sixty years Moule, G.E. 1907 Shanghai
The Rev. William C. Burns, missionary to China London
The S.P.G. in North China 1914
The school of tyrannus: or reaching the masses by preaching and colportage DuBose, Hampden C. 1897 Shanghai
The second report of the London Missionary Society's Chinese hospital, at Peking Lockhart, W. 1864 Shanghai
Sermon at Norwich, Conn. McKenzie, Alexander, Rev October 1880 New York
Sermon delivered May 6, 1849, in the North Dutch Church, Albany, on occasion of the lamented death of the Reverend William J. Pohlman, late missionary to China Kennedy, Duncan 1849 Albany
A sermon, preached in the meeting house of the Baptist Society in Salem Jones, William 1812 Boston
A sermon, preached in Trinity Church, Shanghai Boone, William J., Rev 1862
Shall the missionary go? Garritt, J.C. 1901 Shanghai
Shanghai Band of Hope. Report of the first year's work May 1888 Shanghai
Shanghai Baptist College: photos and facts
The Shensi relief expedition: being a narrative of the experiences of Mr. A.C. de Sowerby and party, to Shensi during the revolution Sowerby, Arthur de Carle, 1885-1954 [1912] Tientsin
A sister of charity in China: being a series of letters written to her family Berkeley, Xavier, Sister [1905]
A sister of charity in China: being a series of letters written to her family Xavier, Sister, Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul [1905?] [New York]
Some of Professor J. Legge's criticisms on Confucianism Kranz, P., Pastor 1898 Shanghai
The sources of the anti-foreign disturbances in China: with a supplementary account of the uprising of 1900 Reid, Gilbert, 1857-1927 1903 Shanghai
Spiritual power for missionary work John, Griffith, Rev [1882?] London
Statement of reasons in favor of larger contributions for the support of the missions under the care of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions 1848
Statements respecting the necessities and claims of the missions and missionaries American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions April 1831 New York
The status of women in China Faber, Ernst, Rev 1897 Shanghai
The story of Baptist missions in foreign lands Hervey, G. Winfred, Rev 1885 St Louis
The story of a Chinese boy [1911] Westminster
The story of a Chinese clergyman [1911] Westminster
The story of our country parish in China Smith, Arthur Henderson, 1845-1932 1889 Boston
The story of the persecution of the church at Sheo-yang-hsien, Shansi, and of the last days of Mr and Mrs Pigott and family, as told by Li-pai, the shepherd Li-pai [1901?] Shanghai
Strictures on the remarks contained in "papers relating to the Shanghae revision of the Chinese Scriptures" Medhurst, W.H.; Stronach, John; Milne, Wm. C. 16 June 1852 Shanghai
Suggestions regarding the Chinese Colledge, Thomas R.; Parker, Peter; Bridgman, E.C. 5 October 1836 Canton
Suggestions to leaders for the class session: the uplift of China Young People's Missionary Movement 1910 New York
Talks on China Church Missionary Society [1907?]
Teaching children in China at the Canton Christian College Trustees of the Canton Christian College 1915 New York
The Telescope 28 July 1909 Dayton, Ohio
Terms for Bible wines in Chinese Hartwell, Charles 1888 [Shanghai]
The Theological Quarterly of the Nanking School of Theology Nanking School of Theology
Three cries from Chinese lips Cecil-Smith, G. Philadelphia, Toronto
Thrilling experiences of C.I.M. missionaries in Chihli, by Mr & Mrs Green Green, Charles H.S. [1900?] [Shanghai]
The tiger cap Goodall, T.W. Toronto
"Times of blessing" in Manchuria Webster, J., Rev 1909 Shanghai
To the Protestant missionaries labouring at Hongkong and the five ports of China Medhurst, W.H.; Stronach, John; Milne, W.C.; Lockhart, W.; Muirhead, W.; Edkins, J. 30 January 1850 Shanghai
The tribes of south west China Hanna, W.J. Philadelphia, Toronto
True Celestials, or leaves from a Chinese sketch-book Sadler, J., Rev; Muncaster, W.H., Rev London
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Uncommon Christians Frost, Henry W. [1914?] Philadelphia, Toronto
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The urgency and crisis in the Far East Mott, John R. 1908 New York
Urgent claims for new & extended missions in China London Missionary Society 1859 London
The use of opium and its bearing on the spread of Christianity in China Moule, A.E., Rev 1877 Shanghai
View of the missions, funds, expenditures and prospects, of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions [1820] Boston
A vindication of comments on the translation of Ephesians I in the delegates' version of the New Testament Boone, William Jones, 1811-1864 1852 Canton
A visit to Yale-in-China, June 1920 Stokes, Anson Phelps 1920 New Haven, Connecticut
A voice from Bombay in western India, in behalf of the spiritual wants of a population of 550,000 souls in heathen darkness 1852 London
The Wesleyan Missionary notices relating principally to the foreign missions 1847 London
What doest thou here? A question for Christian young men Rhodes, Herbert F. 1893 London
Which house? A missionary study Guinness, Lucy E. [1896?] London, Glasgow
Why Protestant missionaries in China should unite in using the term "Tien Chu" for God Blodgett, Henry, 1825-1903
Women's work in the Far East The Presbyterian Mission Press March 1916 Shanghai
The word for god in Chinese Stanley, C.A., Rev 1909 Shanghai
The word of truth: a sermon delivered by the Rt. Rev. Bishop Wilson, in the Masonic Hall, Shanghai, Sunday, 18th November, 1888 Wilson, Alpheus Waters, Bishop, 1834-1916 1888 Shanghai
Work among women & children in the Far East 1909 Croydon
Work for the blind in China Gordon-Cumming, C.E. [1887?] London
The works of Rev. Ernst Faber, Dr. Theol Kranz, P., Pastor 1904 Shanghai
World reconstruction The American Branch of the World Alliance for Promoting International Friendship Through the Churches
Young Men's Christian Associations and foreign missions Ober, Charles K. 1890 New York