Foreign Relations and Diplomacy

This theme includes accounts of foreign embassies to the Chinese court, texts of international treaties, foreign opinions on relations with the Chinese, historical and legal articles on Chinese relations with other countries, legislative proceedings and correspondence between policymakers.

Addresses presented to William T. Mercer, M.A., Oxon, colonial secretary, member of the executive and legislative councils, &c., and recently acting governor, of Hong Kong: with services, testimonials, &c. 1867 London
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China and Crete: a criticism and a warning Bartlett, E. Ashmead, Sir February 1899
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China Question MacDonald, James 1870 London
China under the republic Latourette, Kenneth Scott September 1921
China vs. Japan February 1919 New York
China's claims at the peace table March 1919 New York
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China's position in international finance [1918?] London
China's relation with the West Wu Ting-fang, 1842-1922 [1899] Philadelphia
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A general view of Chinese civilization and of the relations of the west with China Laffitte, M. Pierre; Hall, John Carey 1887 Yokohama
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Germans as exponents of culture Frantzius, Fritz von 20 October 1914 Chicago
Has the United States a duty and a destiny to fulfill in China? Webster, John Lee, 1847- [1900?]
Helps for leaders of discussion groups Gulick, Sidney L.
The history of early relations between the United States and China, 1784-1844 Latourette, Kenneth Scott January 1918
The hostility of China Kang Yu Wei May 1906 New York
How is the queen's government to be carried on? March 1866 London
International conciliation: the United States and China Wei-Ching, W. Yen June 1909 New York
Is aboriginal Formosa a part of the Chinese Empire? 1874
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Lest we forget: a keepsake from the nineteenth century [1901?]
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Letter from Ta-Ping-Wang, Toungoo Ta-Ping-Wang 24 September 1862
Letter to the Right Hon. Charles Grant, president of the Board of Control, on the present state of British intercourse with China Marjoribanks, Charles 1833 London
Letter to the Right Hon. Charles Grant, president of the board of control, on the present state of British intercourse with China Marjoribanks, Charles 1833 London
Letter to the Right Honourable Viscount Palmerston on British relations with China Lindsay, Hugh Hamilton, 1802-1881 1836 London
Manchu relations with Tibet, or Si-tsang Parker, E.H.
A memoir of the principal occurrences during an embassy from the British Government to the court of China in the year 1816 Morrison, Robert, Rev Dr 1819 London
A memoir of the principal occurrences during an embassy from the British government to the court of China in the year 1816 Morrison, Robert, 1782-1834 1820 London
A memorial of Anson Burlingame, late envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary from the Chinese empire to the treaty powers Boston (Mass.) City Council [1870] [Boston]
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Message from the President of the United States, in answer to a resolution of the Senate of February 25, 1845, in reference to the correspondence between the commander of the East India squadron and foreign powers, &c... United States Navy [1846] [Washington]
The morning of my life in China: comprising an outline of the history of foreign intercourse from the last year of the regime of Honorable East India Company, 1833: to the imprisonment of the foreign community in 1839 Nye, Gideon, 1812-1888 1873 Canton
A most solemn and important epistle to the emperor of China Wolcot, John, Dr [1817]
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Our interests in China. A letter to the Right Hon. Earl Russell, K.G. Lay, Horatio N. 1864 London
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The powers in the Pacific 1903 Shanghai
The quarrel between Great Britain and China April 1840
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Questions of the day. No 1 Tyler, Captain 1857 London
The rationale of England's attitude toward China Nye, G. [1876?]
Reception and entertainment of the Chinese embassy, by the city of Boston 1868 Boston
The relations between China and Japan during the last twenty-five years 1919 London
The relations between China, Russia and Mongolia Williams, E.T. October 1916
Reports, minutes and despatches, on the British position and prospects in China Martin, Robert Montgomery, 1803?-1868 [1846] London
The responsibility of Great Britain for the present crisis in China, and our duties for the future in the Far East Pickering, W.A. 1900 London
The royal visit to Shanghai 1890
The rupture with China, and its causes: including the opium question, and other important details, in a letter to Lord Viscount Palmerston by a resident in China 1840 London
The Russians in Manchuria Kropotkin, P. May 1901
The Russo-Chinese question August 1880 Shanghai
Settlement at last in China February 1901
A sketch of Russo-Chinese intercourse Williams, Frederick Wells, 1857-1928 [1891] [New Haven]
The Spectator 1848 London
Speech on the bill appropriating forty thousand dollars to enable the president to establish commercial relations between the United States and China Clark, J.C. 1843 Washington
Substance of the speech of Lord Grenville, on the motion made by the Marquis Wellesley in the House of Lords, on Friday, the 9th of April, 1813, for the production of certain papers on Indian affairs Grenville, Lord [1813] London
Thirty years' view; or, a history of the working of the American government for thirty years, from 1820 to 1850 Benton, Thomas Hart 1889 New York
Treaties and conventions concluded between the United States of America and other powers since July 4, 1776 1889 Washington
A treaty between the United States of America and the Ta Tsing Empire 1845
Treaty of commerce and navigation between China and Japan made at Peking, July 21st, 1896 1896 Shanghai
Treaty of commerce and navigation rules, text of agreements between Great Britain and China 1902 Shanghai
The Treaty of Nanking, signed August 29th, 1842, and the supplementary treaty, signed October 8th, 1843. In the Chinese and English languages 1844 Macau
Tribute of the Chamber of Commerce of the state of New-York, to the memory of Anson Burlingame, late ambassador from China, March 3d, 1870 Cowdin, Elliot C. 1870 New York
The truth about Shantung: moral, legal, economic and political aspects The Chinese Students' Alliance of the United States August 1919 New York
Wanted - a man for Pekin Walker, Guy M. 1909
Washington, D. C. Conference on the limitation of armament, 1921-1922. Conversations between the Chinese and Japanese representatives in regard to the Shantung question The Chinese Delegation 1923 Washington
The West Coast Magazine West, Ozmun; Foo Pan Key August 1911 Los Angeles
What shall we do with our dependencies? Storey, Moorfield 1903 Boston
Why China refused to sign the peace treaty July 1919 New York
The world peace and Chinese tariff autonomy 1919 London
World reconstruction The American Branch of the World Alliance for Promoting International Friendship Through the Churches