Language and Writing

This theme includes bilingual dictionaries and glossaries between Chinese and foreign languages, academic articles on the linguistics of Chinese dialects, guides to Chinese linguistic etiquette and idioms, guides for foreign learners of Chinese and tracts on expounding Christian doctrines in Chinese.

An account of an evangelical Chinese manuscript in the British Museum, together with a specimen of it, and some hints on the proper mode of publishing it in London Montucci, Antonio, 1762-1829 [1801] [London]
Advertisement for a book entitled "Huren Baojian Laihan"
Ancient symbolism among the Chinese Edkins, Joseph, 1823-1905 1889 London, Shanghai
Anglo-Chinese phrase-book and vocabulary: Yunnanese dialect Bentley, C.W. 1901 Rangoon
Aperçu des Études Philologiques des Langues Malaises, Pendant Les Années 1886-1891 Meÿer, J.J. 1893 Woking
The awakening of faith in the Mahayana doctrine: the new Buddhism, by the patriarch Ashvagosha; translated into Chinese by Paramartha; translated into English in 1894 by Timothy Richard Ashvagosha 1907 Shanghai
The Child's Paper. Moral, religious, scientific, instructive and amusing January 1881 Shanghai
Chinese accounts of our mounds M'Allan, Alexander 1912 Brooklyn
Chinese and Annamese Parker, Edward Harper, 1849-1926 [1889] [Yokohama]
Chinese and Indo-European roots and analogues Chase, Pliny Earle 1861
Chinese Christian Advocate, Jan. 24, 1917 24 January 1917
Chinese Illustrated News April 1916 Shanghai
Chinese Illustrated News August 1915
The Chinese numerals Moseley, Crowder Bell 1901 Shanghai
The Chinese radicals China Inland Mission 1896 Shanghai
Chinese without a teacher, being a collection of easy and useful sentences in the Mandarin dialect with a vocabulary, sixth edition Giles, Herbert A. 1907 Shanghai
Chinese writing in the Chou dynasty in the light of recent discoveries Hopkins, Lionel Charles, 1854-1952 [1911] [London]
Correction of the press 1880
Das Evangelium des Lucas im Volksdialekte der Hakka Chinesen Die Missionare der Baseler Missions Gesellschaft 1865 Hong Kong
A dictionary of philosophical terms chiefly from the Japanese Richard, Dr; MacGillivray, Dr 1913 Shanghai
Dictionary of world's language (with explanation)
Die sprachgeschichtliche Stellung des Chinesischen Grube, Wilhelm, Dr 1881 Leipzig
The divine name in ancient China Inglis, J.W., Rev 1910 Shanghai
Elementary lessons in Chinese Foster, Arnold 1887 London
Essay on Chinese scientific terminology: its present discrepancies, and means of securing uniformity Fryer, John, 1839-1928 1890 Shanghai
Essay on Chinese scientific terminology: its present discrepancies, and means of securing uniformity Fryer, John, 1839-1928 1890 Shanghai
The faith of a Christian, by Rev. Bernard Lucas, translated by Mrs S. Couling and Li Yung K'ing Lucas, Bernard, Rev; Couling, Mrs S.; Li, Yung K'ing 1911 Shanghai
Family talks in the Shanghai dialect Graves, F.R.; Cooper, F.C. [1914]
First lessons in Chinese Lyon, Edna Messler; Liang, Ernest Norman 1913
The fortunate union: chapter I, translated by Robert K. Douglas Hao ch'iu chuan 1900 London
A glossary of English and Chinese anatomical terms according to the old and new medical nomenclatures Whitney, H.T. 1906 Foochow
The gospel according to Saint Matthew 1909 Shanghai
The gospel primer Mateer, A.H. 1914 Shanghai
Graduated reading, comprising a circle of knowledge 1873 Hong Kong
Grammatical definitions in English and Chinese Warren, Gilbert George, 1861-1927 1913 Shanghai
Grammatical studies in the colloquial language of northern China McIlvaine, J.S. 1880 Shanghai
Hand-book on etiquette in Chinese official intercourse Li Mou-Hsun [1905]
Happy childhood Shanghai
Hints on Chinese idiom Sadler, J., Rev [1904] Shanghai
How to write the radicals Ball, J. Dyer 1905 Hong Kong
Index of words and phrases in Chinese and in English Poletti, P. [1905?]
An inquiry into the proper mode of translating ruach and pneuma, in the Chinese version of the Scriptures Medhurst, Walter Henry, 1796-1857 1850 Shanghai
Introduction to the translation of the Han Annals Howorth, H.H.
Jian shi ji yao tu shuo [Chinese historical atlas] Wilder, G.D. 1907 Yokohama
Lecture on the nature and structure of the Chinese language, delivered at University College Kidd, Samuel, 1804-1843 1838 London
Letter from the Bishop of Victoria on the Chinese version of the Holy Scriptures Bishop of Victoria 20 August 1851 Hong Kong
Letters on the rendering of the name God in the Chinese language Legge, James, 1815-1897 1850 Hong Kong
List of books issued by the publication committee of the China Medical Missionary Association The Mission Book Company
List of books issued by the publication committee of the China Medical Missionary Association and sold by the Mission Book Company Shanghai
Localities in Shanghai Crofoot, J.W. [1911] Shanghai
The Lord's prayer, in Chinese, with literal translation, and the pronunciation of each character London
Materials for a flora of the Kwan Tung Peninsula Palibin, J. 1903
Me-Nyih-Ts Liang Lung-Doong
Memorandum upon an alphabetical system for writing Chinese Hillier, Walter, Sir London
Monthly Herald August 1915
The Nestorian monument: an ancient record of Christianity in China, with special reference to the expedition of Frits v. Holm Carus, Paul, Dr 1909 Chicago
Of the origin and progress of language, by Lord Montboddo 1792
The old Babylonian characters and their Chinese derivates Terrien de Lacouperie, d. 1894 [1888] [London]
The old Babylonian characters and their Chinese derivates Terrien de Lacouperie, d. 1894 [1888] [London]
On an ancient inscription in the Neu-chih language Wylie, Alexander, 1815-1887 [1860] [London]
On the causes of antiphrasis in language Schlegel, G. [1891]
On the Chinese version of the Scriptures Medhurst, W.H.; Stronach, John; Milne, William C. 1 August 1851 Shanghai
On the Corean, Aïno and Fusang writings Terrien de Lacouperie 1892 Leiden
One thousand useful Chinese characters, reprinted from "The Chinese language" Hillier, Walter Caine, Sir, 1849-1927 1907 London
The onomastic similarity of Nai Hwang-ti of China and Nakhunte of Susiana Terrien de Lacouperie, A., Dr, d. 1894 1890 London
Part of a Chinese tract containing Christ's sermon on the mount Boston
The Phonotypic Journal October 1843 Bath
Pidgin English rhymes Hayter, H.W.G. 1909 Shanghai
Pidgin-English sing-song or songs and stories in the China-English dialect Leland, Charles G. 1892 London
Principles of composition in Chinese: as deduced from the written characters Legge, James, 1815-1897 [1879] [London]
Progressive lessons in the Chinese spoken language: with lists of common words and phrases, and an appendix containing the laws of tones in the Peking dialect Edkins, Joseph, 1823-1905 1864 Shanghai
Radical rhymes [1910]
Remarks on the best term for god in Chinese Peet, L.B., Rev 1852 Canton
Reply to the strictures on the remarks made on the translation of Genesis and Exodus in the revision of the Chinese Scriptures Culbertson, M.S. 1852 Canton
A Rong-English glossary Grünwedel, Albert
The secret of the Chinese method of transcribing foreign sounds Schlegel, G, Dr 1900 Leyden
A sermon, preached in the meeting house of the Baptist Society in Salem Jones, William 1812 Boston
Strictures on the remarks contained in "papers relating to the Shanghae revision of the Chinese Scriptures" Medhurst, W.H.; Stronach, John; Milne, Wm. C. 16 June 1852 Shanghai
The surnames of the Chinese in America spelled according to the David Jones system of spelling Chinese names: with notes on various subjects of interest to the Chinese and those who do business with them Jones, David D. 1904 San Francisco
Table of the Chinese radicals or keys exhibiting their pronunciation, figure, and meaning Washington D.C.
Teaching from pictures for young and old Byrne, Janet 1886 New York
Terms for Bible wines in Chinese Hartwell, Charles 1888 [Shanghai]
The Theological Quarterly of the Nanking School of Theology Nanking School of Theology
Tushu Huibao December 1913 Shanghai
Vindiciae alphabeticae
A vocabulary of proper names, in Chinese and English, of places, persons, tribes, and sects, in China, Japan, Corea, Annam, Siam, Burmah, the Straits and adjacent countries Smith, F. Porter 1870 Shanghai
The word for god in Chinese Stanley, C.A., Rev 1909 Shanghai
The Young People's Friend August 1916