Foreign Presence in China

During the nineteenth century the European powers, the United States and Japan steadily increased their presence and power in China. Materials covered by this theme include official reports on the foreign treaty ports, biographical works on prominent foreigners in China, pamphlets on expatriates’ leisure pursuits, commercial histories, advice for new arrivals, reports on legal proceedings and accounts of anti-foreign agitation amongst the Chinese.

An address to masters, officers, and sailors in the port of Canton Stevens, Edwin 1833 Canton
Addresses presented to William T. Mercer, M.A., Oxon, colonial secretary, member of the executive and legislative councils, &c., and recently acting governor, of Hong Kong: with services, testimonials, &c. 1867 London
An Anglo-Chinese calendar for the year 1854 1854 Canton
The Anglo-Chinese calendar manual: a handbook of reference for the determination of Chinese dates, during the period from 1860 to 1869: with comparative tables of annual and mensual designations, &c., &c. Mayers, William Frederick, H.M.C.S. 1869 Hong Kong
The Anglo-Chinese calendar manual: a handbook of reference for the determination of Chinese dates, during the period from 1860 to 1869; with comparative tables of annual and mensual designations, &c, &c. [1875] Shanghai
The Anglo-Chinese kalendar for the year 1836 1836 Canton
Arcana saitica, briefly discussed in three essays on the Masonic tracing boards 1879 Amoy
As the Chinese see us Martin, William Alexander Parsons, 1827-1916
Bowring, Cobden, & China: a memoir Moor, Lammer 1857 Edinburgh
The British colony of Hongkong and the Chinese government 1899 Hong Kong
The British Crown disgraced in China 1859 Newcastle-upon-Tyne
By-laws of Keystone Royal Arch Chapter of Shanghai, China Royal Arch Masons 1870 Boston
The calamitous typhoon at Hongkong, 18th September, 1906, being a full account of the disaster 1906 Hong Kong
The Centennial celebration of American independence at Canton, China, on the 4th July 1876 1876 Canton
China and Crete: a criticism and a warning Bartlett, E. Ashmead, Sir February 1899
Chinese Gordon: the uncrowned king: his character as it is portrayed in his private letters, compiled by Laura C. Holloway Gordon, Charles George, 1833-1885 1885 New York
The Clique, December 25, 1915 25 December 1915 Kew Gardens
Colonial Reports - Annual: No. 715. Weihaiwei, Report for 1911 1912 London
Colonial Reports - Annual: No. 723. Hong Kong, Report for 1911 1912 London
Convention between the United Kingdom and China respecting an extension of Hong Kong territory, signed at Peking, June 9, 1898 1898 London
A crown attempt to crush a newspaper. Regina v. Saint March 1869 Hong Kong
The economic aspects of the Shantung question August 1919 New York
English and Chinese calendar 1889 Shanghai
Extraterritoriality and its gradual relinquishment Schurman, Jacob Gould, Dr 1925 Peking
The Foochow Arsenal, and its results, from the commencement in 1867, to the end of the foreign directorate, on the 16th February, 1874, translated from the French, by H. Lang Giquel, Prosper 1874 Shanghai
The Foreign Office, and our policy in China: letters by H.N. Lay, C.B.; a letter by Captain Sherard Osborn, R.N., C.B.; with two replies by the Right Hon. E. Hammond, permanent under-secretary for foreign affairs Lay, Horatio N. 1868 [London]
Frederick Townsend Ward, organizer and first commander of the "Ever Victorious Army" in the Tai Ping Rebellion Rantoul, Robert S. 1908 Salem, Mass.
The French at Foochow Roche, James F.; Cowen, L.L. 1884 Shanghai
A funeral sermon, preached at Macao, on the death of Mrs Mary Sword, July 27th 1845 Parker, Peter, 1804-1888 1845 Canton
Further statements and suggestions regarding Hong Kong addressed to the Hon. Francis Scott. M.P. 1851 London
Gardening in Shanghai for amateurs Bourne, Frederick Sir 1916 Shanghai
General Albert Fytche's administration of British Burma; with notes on opening trade with South-West China Laurie, W.F.B., Colonel 1873 London
Glimpses of Kuling Woodbridge, Jeanie Woodrow 1904 Shanghai
Going East. Advice regarding outfit, the voyage, and procedure on arrival Hoey, W. 1913 Oxford
The Haining Road tragedy 1906 Shanghai
The hills about Soochow 1903 Shanghai
The Hongkong volunteers at Macao The Overland China Mail (Hong Kong) [1864] [Hong Kong]
Hongkong: a satire: dedicated to those who have recently or in past years been associated with the British colony, on the coast of China Mercer, William Thomas 1859 Hong Kong
The Hunan tracts of China, which produced the anti-Christian and anti-foreign riots of 1891 1892 Shanghai
Japanese emigration to China Ta Chen [1921?] New York
The journey's end Taylor, Howard, Mrs; Shapleigh, K.P., Mr; Barrie, H.G., Dr 1905
The jubilee of Hong Kong 1891 Hong Kong
The jubilee of Shanghai, 1843-1893; Shanghai: past and present, and a full account of the proceedings on the 17th and 18th November, 1893 1893 Shanghai
The Ladies' International Club Annual Report for 1912 Ladies' International Club (Shanghai, China) [1913] [Shanghai]
A letter to Cardinal Cullen: being a Freemason's answer to the attack made by His Eminence on the Masonic order Mercer, William Thomas 1869 London
A letter to Lord Lyndhurst, on the late debate upon China Kelly, Fitzroy Edward, Sir, 1796-1880 1857 London
Localities in Shanghai Crofoot, J.W. [1911] Shanghai
Macao: the holy city Ball, J. Dyer 1905 Canton
Massacre of the Chinese people in Canton, China by British and French armed men on June 23, 1925 The Euro-American Returned Students Association of Kwangtung Province, China 1925 Canton
Memoir on the neighbourhood of Canton and Hongkong, and the east coast of China Davis, John Francis, 1795-1890 [1857] [London]
The Modern Newspaper Leavonworth, Professor 1900 Shanghai
The Mokanshan summer resort association bulletin 1914 1914
Narrative of the shipwreck of the "Kite" March 1841 Macau
Oliver Cromwell: his life and times Donovan, J.P. 1895 Shanghai
Order in Council for the exercise of jurisdiction in China and Japan. 9th March, 1865 1865 London
The Peking legations: a national uprising and international episode Hart, Robert, Sir, 1835-1911 1900 Shanghai
Petition for the reversal of the sentence passed on Mr. Pollard, Q. C., by the Honorable Mr. Smale, chief-justice of Hongkong 1867 Hong Kong
The present situation in China September 1925 Tokyo
Proceedings in an appeal before the judicial committee of her majesty's privy council, from her majesty's supreme court at Hong Kong, in the case of Rodger v. the Comptoir D'Escompte de Paris 1869 Manchester
Recollections of life in the Far East Wetmore, W.S. 1894 Shanghai
Report of the captain superintendent of police for the year 1914 1915 Hong Kong
Report of the formation and proceedings of the Singapore Auxiliary Bible Society 1837 Singapore
Report on the state of trade at the treaty ports of China Brenan, Byron 1898 Shanghai
Reports on the present state of her Majesty's colonial possessions 1872 London
The responsibility of Great Britain for the present crisis in China, and our duties for the future in the Far East Pickering, W.A. 1900 London
The royal visit to Shanghai 1890
The Shanghai municipal police, 1909-1910: a series of articles reprinted from the North-China Daily News, December 1909-January 1910 The North-China Daily News 1910 Shanghai
Shanghai pressmen who distinguished themselves during the revolution 1914 [1914?]
The Shanghai Volunteer Corps. The tale of the S.V.C. muster roll, April 1914, the New Drill Hall, the Corps "At home" 1914 Shanghai
Sir Robert Hart and his life work in China Drew, Edward B. 1913
The sources of the anti-foreign disturbances in China: with a supplementary account of the uprising of 1900 Reid, Gilbert, 1857-1927 1903 Shanghai
The Spectator 1848 London
The story of Kuling Little, Edward S. 1899
The suppression of piracy in the China Sea, 1849, by Admiral the Right Hon. Sir John C. Dalrymple Hay, Bart., K.C.B., D.C.I., F.R.S., &c, &c. Dalrymple-Hay, Sir John C. 1889 London
The truth about Shantung: moral, legal, economic and political aspects The Chinese Students' Alliance of the United States August 1919 New York
View of the great valley of the Yang-tse-keang before and since its occupation by the rebels Davis, John Francis, 1795-1890 [1859] [London]
Washington, D. C. Conference on the limitation of armament, 1921-1922. Conversations between the Chinese and Japanese representatives in regard to the Shantung question The Chinese Delegation 1923 Washington