Faith and Philosophy

Included in this theme are academic essays on Chinese religious practices, tracts by Christian missionaries, syntheses of Chinese and Christian thought, material on Jews and Muslims in China and biographical works on religious figures.

America's place in mythology: disclosing the nature of Hindoo and Buddhist beliefs McAllan, Alexander 1910 Brooklyn
Ancestral worship, a revised edition of an essay Yates, M.T., Rev 1878 Shanghai
Ancestral worship: a revised edition of an essay read before the missionary conference, held at Shanghai, May, 10-24th, 1877 Yates, Matthew Tyson, 1819-1888 1878 Shanghai
Ancient symbolism among the Chinese Edkins, Joseph, 1823-1905 1889 London, Shanghai
The awakening of faith in the Mahayana doctrine: the new Buddhism, by the patriarch Ashvagosha; translated into Chinese by Paramartha; translated into English in 1894 by Timothy Richard Ashvagosha 1907 Shanghai
The Bee: being essays on the most interesting subjects
Buddha's first sermon Rhys Davids, T.W. June 1880
The Buddha's nirvana: a sacred Buddhist picture by Wu Tao Tze Carus, Paul
The Buddha: a drama in five acts and four interludes Carus, Paul, 1852-1919 1913 Chicago
Buddhism 1913-1914
Buddhist parables a lecture delivered by Dr J. Edkins, at a meeting of the China Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, held on the 23rd June, 1903 Edkins, Joseph, 1823-1905 [1903] [Shanghai]
Calendar of the gods in China Richard, Timothy, Rev 1906 Shanghai
The canon of reason and virtue (Lao-Tze's Tao Teh King), translated from the Chinese, by Dr. Paul Carus Laozi [c.1903] Chicago, London
China in the light of history Faber, Ernst, Rev 1897 Shanghai
China: its creeds and customs: with reference to missionary labours Philip, Robert, 1791-1858 [1890?]
The Chinese numismatic riddle Higgins, Frank C. 1910 New York City
Chinese philosophy. An exposition of the characteristic features of Chinese thought Carus, Paul, 1852-1919 1898 Chicago
Chinese philosophy: an exposition of the characteristic features of Chinese thought Carus, Paul, 1852-1919 1898 Chicago
Chinese philosophy: an exposition of the characteristic features of Chinese thought Carus, Paul, 1852-1919 1898 Chicago
Christ or Confucius, a sermon preacher February 23, 1879 DeNormandie, James 1879
Christianity the completion of Confucianism Kranz, P., Pastor 1897
The Confucian civilization Zia, Z.K. 1925 Shanghai
Confucianism and the new China Williams, E.T. July 1916
Confucianism in its relation to Christianity Hoyt, S.R.J., Rev 1888
Confucius November 1848
Confucius [1852] [Philadelphia]
Death blow to corrupt doctrines 1870 Shanghai
A dictionary of philosophical terms chiefly from the Japanese Richard, Dr; MacGillivray, Dr 1913 Shanghai
The divine name in ancient China Inglis, J.W., Rev 1910 Shanghai
Hebrew prayers used by the Jews in China London Society for Promoting Christianity amongst the Jews [1853] [London]
How in 219 B.C. Buddhism entered China Terrien de Lacouperie, d. 1894 [1891] London
Is Buddhism a preparation or a hindrance to Christianity in China? Ball, James Dyer, 1847-1919 1907 Hong Kong
The Jews in China Perlmann, Selig M. 1909 London
The Jews in China: their synagogue, their scriptures, their history Finn, James 1843 London
A journey to the sacred mountain of Siao-Outai-Shan, in China Landor, Arnold Henry Savage, 1865-1924 [1894] [London]
Karma, a story of early Buddhism Carus, Paul 1894 Chicago
Little journeys to the homes of great teachers: Confucius Hubbard, Elbert, 1856-1915 1908 East Aurora, N.Y.
Mission of enquiry to the Jews in China: present state of the Jews at Kae-Fung-Foo London Society for Promoting Christianity amongst the Jews [1851] [London]
Muslims in China Sell, Canon 1913 London, Madras, Colombo
On the entrance of the Jews into China during the first century of our era Terrien de Lacouperie, d. 1894 [1891] [London]
On the Nestorian tablet of Se-gan foo Wylie, Alexander, 1815-1887 [1856] [New York]
The parting of the ways, or, Laocius and Confucius as rival moralists Parker, Edward Harper, 1849-1926 [1906] London
Penalties for injuring Chinese scriptures, and rewards for their distribution [1898?]
Pictures of Buddhist Ceylon and other papers Woodward, F.L. 1914 Adyar, Madras, India
A plain account of the life, labours and doctrines of Confucius Parker, Edward Harper, 1849-1926 [1897] [London]
The prayer of Nang-Si, a disciple of Confucius, translated from the original Chinese, with notes Stewart, James 1823 New York, London
Push him out!, or, a book of Chinese prophecy Yuan, Tian'gang, d. 627 [1895] [Shanghai]
Religion and revolution Reid, Gilbert, Dr
Religion of the Chinese rebels [1854?]
The religious attitude of the Chinese mind Martin, William Alexander Parsons, 1827-1916 [1891] New York
The sacred mountain of China Tietjens, Eunice January 1917 San Francisco
The sages of Shantung: Confucius and Menicus Bergen, P.D., Rev 1913 Shanghai
Some further gleanings from the Si-Yu-Ki Beal, S., Rev Prof.
Some of Professor J. Legge's criticisms on Confucianism Kranz, P., Pastor 1898 Shanghai
Some remarks on the narrative of Fa-hien Beal, S., Rev [1886] London
The spirit of Chinese philanthropy Chang, Henry 24 May 1913
The Theological Quarterly of the Nanking School of Theology Nanking School of Theology
True Celestials, or leaves from a Chinese sketch-book Sadler, J., Rev; Muncaster, W.H., Rev London
A visit to Peking: with some notice of the imperial worship at the altars of heaven, earth, sun, moon and the gods of the grain and the land Happer, Andrew Patton, 1818-1894 1879 Shanghai
The word for god in Chinese Stanley, C.A., Rev 1909 Shanghai
The Zay-Nis of Yan-Ky, translated from the Chinese of Tay-Kin Tay-Kin May 1854