Chinese Diaspora

Emigration was a feature of Chinese life in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. This theme encompasses broadsides and reports attacking Chinese immigration, appeals from Chinese emigrants for a better reception in their new homes, texts of legislation and government pronouncements, material on the habits and businesses of emigrant Chinese, correspondence from Chinese emigrants and journals of emigrants’ journeys. Material relating to Chinese emigration to California is represented particularly strongly.

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Great anti-Chinese demonstration 1870
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The ninth annual conference of the eastern section of the Chinese Students' Alliance, program 1913 Ithaca, NY
The ninth annual conference of the eastern section of the Chinese Students' Alliance, public entertainment held on August 26, 1913 1913 Ithaca, NY
No more Chinese!! The Scott Chinese exclusion bill Cleveland, Grover 1 October 1888
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Power of the state to exclude foreigners from its limits, and to prevent their landing, on account of the immorality of their past lives, considered. Opinion of Mr. Justice Field, of U.S. Supreme Court, delivered Sept. 21st, 1874, in the case of Ah Fong, a Chinese woman, brought before the Circuit Court of the United States, for the District of California, on a writ of habeas corpus United States Circuit Court (9th Circuit) 1874 San Francisco
President Cleveland's great message: Thurman's speech on tariff and Chinese 1888
Report of the committee appointed by the government of the "Board of Trade," to take into consideration the communication of Messrs. Sampson & Tappan, dated April 24th, 1856 Boston Board of Trade 1856 Boston
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The survey 1912 New York
Truth versus fiction: justice versus prejudice: meat for all, not for a few: a plain and unvarnished statement why exclusion laws against the Chinese should not be re-enacted: respect treaties, and make general, not special laws [1902?] [Washington DC?]
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